Monday, September 30, 2013

More Grease Festival Pictures...

Coach Princess was the MC for the Grease Festival. She did a fabulous job. Her real name is Regina, but all of my children have been in her P.E. class at one time or another. All of the children at school call her Coach Princess, so we do too. 

There was a small parade for the opening ceremony. A local woman was our Athena Goddess for the day. Ms. Carter is involved in every non-profit in town in one way or another and is a great cook as well. She was nominated for the position by multiple people and got to wear a sash and sit on a throne. During the parade, she walked front and center. Betsy and Trisha (our fearless leaders) carried Grease Festival flags on either side of the goddess.

This vintage fire truck was in the children's area for them to play on and look at. I was lucky enough to get a picture of it before the event actually opened. The rest of the day children were climbing all OVER it. 

Coolbone Brass Band was there. These guys are so cool.

One of my favorite vendors had to be this one: 

The Food Fighters Bustaurant was just so neat. I actually wanted to eat food out of a school bus. The guys who came to work the event were so chill and fun. 

We had a state trooper hanging around for the day too. All the children loved seeing him there....I did too....It really did make me feel better knowing how many law enforcement officers were on the square. You never know what might happen when thousands of people are packed into an area as small as our downtown. 

It was a beautiful day.