Monday, September 30, 2013

More Salad...Less Fries...To Recover...

The Athens Grease Festival was this past weekend. It was a fabulous day! If you were there, I'm so glad you came! If I didn't speak to you, it was because I was tired, stressed, and BUSY. The amount of time that the steering committee put into this project would probably surprise you. I tip my hat to them. 

Allison, Ashley, Betsy, Holly, Mac, Patrick, Russell, Selinda, Trisha, Wendy - You are a fabulous crew of volunteers, and I am honored to have spent the last several months working with you in order to plan this event. Did I leave anyone out? If so, I am terribly sorry. 

On to the grease....

Layton loved the ribbon fries. 

These do look like greasy deliciousness.

Hadley thought she was uber cool. She kind of was. After she got a bite to eat, I forced her to volunteer in several areas during the day. She needs those community service points for school clubs. 

Layton ran around in the kids' area for a good portion of the day. Poor thing wanted to get all the gold medals...he didn't realize there was a limit to how many each child could have. 

I didn't see much of Ella. When I did see her, it was like this:

Mouth full of food, face painted, toga hanging on, running to her next activity.

Oh yeah, J was there too.