Saturday, September 14, 2013

Random Thoughts and Observations...

Yayayayayayayayayayyaya!!!!! It is the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means it is time for a celebration!!!!!!!! Like this....

...maybe not like this. This. Actually. Took. Place. A. Few. Weeks. Ago. My family takes redneck to a whole other level. Bonfires and partially lit Christmas trees in August? Excellent idea.

-I received a phone call from a client I barely know. I think we might have met once. He was returning a call that I had placed to him. Cue the moment of panic.

Did I call him? I don't remember calling him. Do I even have his number? Come to think of it how did he get my number? This isn't going to end well. Is it?

Caller: What did you want to ask me about?

Me - first thing that came to mind: Do you take sugar? One lump or two?

Hindsight, people. Hindsight makes it obvious that quoting a Def Leppard opus is not an appropriate way to attempt covering your tracks. Also, it turns out that referring to any Def Leppard song as an opus is offensive to all music officiandos. Color me rude. On a side note, I had not called him. He just thought it was me. :)

-My feet are ridiculously cold right now. I joke that one of the partners at work is going through manopause because he likes to keep it cold. BUT, I think my toes are actually purple at this moment in time.

-At the time this random thought was typed, I was functioning just above hungover. I knew it was coming too. It had been hot, and I had not consumed enough water. I didn't eat dinner because it was just too hot to eat a hot dinner. I ate one tomato instead. Then, I had drinks down the street. I knew the last splash of bourbon was a mistake, but I drank it anyway. Also, I am bidding on a really cute Kate Spade purse on ebay. Does that not seem related to the hangover? Well it is. If I hadn't been drinking bourbon, I never would have bid on the cute purse.

Edited to Add: I did not win the cute purse.