Thursday, September 05, 2013

Work It; Don't Twerk It...

Football season is upon us. Do you know what else that means? Marching band season is upon us. New readers need to be aware of something; old readers already know what I am about to share and still don't believe it. When I was in high school, band was cool. I don't mean a little bit cool. I mean that all of the who's who of the teenage scene were in the band. There were years when over a third of the student body was in the band. Our fabulously eccentric band director, Mr. Havely, retired a number of years ago, but the loving sentiment for the AHS band lingers with all of us who were proud members and with those who only came to football games to see the half time show (band parents). So we all secretly hope our kids are in the band...some not so secretly.

Hadley decided she wanted to be a part of the band this year. After having a stressful year as a member of the dance twirl team at the middle school, she opted to try out for color guard instead of majorette. Several of her closest friends are also members of the guard, so she had a great time at band camp and guard camp even though it was hard work.

Before I get to the whole band thing, let's pause and look at Ella and one of her friends. I don't want to inappropriately post pictures of unsuspecting pep rally attendees others, so I blobbed them all with footballs and hearts. Ha! Seriously, how cute are these outfits? There were probably 20 girls at the pep rally in a variation of this get up. So cute!

After the pep rally, we went home for Hadley to prep her make up and for me to braid her hair. When it came time to drop her off at the band room, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. Was she embarrassed? Yes. Did I care? No.
Too cool with her Ray Bans...

The littles love to give good bye hugs. Especially little man...just look at his face...and the tightness of his squeeze on Hadley.

Because Alabama experiences temperatures that rival Hell, the first game is uniform free. The guard and majorettes wear their skort outfits, and the band wears polo shirts and shorts.

I know that Hadley resembles me, but I don't often look at her and think, "Golly Gee, that kid looks just like me!" When girlfriend struck this pose....
I thought, "Golly gee, she looks like me!" Followed by, "I hope she didn't get flies in her mouth."

Hadley did a great job! I was worried she would be nervous for this first half time show, but she wasn't. She worked it (and did not twerk it) with her flag. We were all proud.

During the third quarter, the band can get a drink and move about the stadium, so H-Dizzy walked to where we were sitting to visit for a hot minute. What kind of mommy blogger would I be if I didn't take a picture of that moment?

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Needless to say, Hadley is loving the band so far, and I am stressed to the max about it. :) I'm pretty sure that no one will read this blog half way through the Fall because it will be post after post of half time shows and soccer games. Hey, I own my enablerness. I made that word up.

See more pictures from the game including bad ones of me in tomorrow's post.