Saturday, October 12, 2013

Afternoon Drives...

**Reposting because I was told the pictures were not visible to some.**

On warm afternoons, we like to load up in the Jeep and go for a drive. Destination unknown. Length of time to be spent in the car unknown. The open road and the codependents. Stopping at a stop sign and tossing a coin to determine if we go left or right.
I'm making this seem far more romantic and interesting than it actually is, but we do have a lot of fun on our trips away from the main drag.

A venue that we have frequented more than once is the Mount Zion Church area not too far from where J's maternal relatives live. The road - let's use that term loosely here - is a piece of concrete that a creek flows over. Try driving through a creek to take your children somewhere. They will scream like it's better than Christmas morning.

I like to watch the water as the vehicle charges through.

I do not like the facilities though. HA!

It's an interesting place to go see. 

People still attend church in this small, out of the way spot. You would think that at some point people would get tired of only being able to make it to church, "God willing and if the creek don't rise." Literally - if the creek don't rise. Do other areas of the country use that expression too? It makes me cringe. I should start a campaign for subject/verb agreement in idioms. 

I love small, country churches.

More pictures from this adventure coming soon...