Friday, October 18, 2013

All Good Deeds...Not Good Deeds...I Need Professional Help...

-The last few weeks have been very busy. The Athens Grease Festival and the Bojangles Apple Annie Golf Tournament have taken up a good bit of my time. Both were worth all the hard work though. I put these two activities in my "Good Deeds" column. I am a type A personality and tend to box up and column off everything in my life. Heck, you might even say that I organize everything in my life spreadsheet style. P.S. If I have emailed you a spreadsheet of things to be done, I apologize. Just because I have mad Excel skills I shouldn't force it on the rest of you....

Good Deeds        Grocery Store        To Do Today        What I Forgot Yesterday           Oh, Snap
-sell chicken         -dish soap             -sign up for             -if I remember it, I will            -SOCCER
  stew for the        -crackers                 CPE                        add it to the list                    TOURNAMENT
  band                   -oil                        -take soup                                                               -attempt to
-devise a way                                      to work                                                                   blog
  to raise enough
  money for handi-
  capped playground
  equipment at local

These are all actual things on my to do lists from this week. I know; I have issues.

-I loved the shirts for the Grease Festival this year. 

-A few weeks back an acquaintance asked me to make out with him. It discombobulated me. It took me so off guard that I was an a$$ when I replied. The last time a man even remotely showed interest in picking me up was in 2010, and he had one tooth and was hanging out at the Texaco. But, but, but at least he offered to pump my gas first. There wasn't even an offer of french fries or a beverage this time....just a straight up...Hey, let's make out. On average, I'd say that I get hit on once (almost twice) a decade. Amanda : Men : : Garlic : Vampires. So, this was not a moment that I knew how to handle with any kind of grace. J was full of hilarious responses when I told him about it. He gets a kick out of my awkwardness. Did you like my analogy? Did it give you SAT flashbacks?

-I have continuing education on Monday. It's a sales tax class. Try to contain your jealousy.

-Soccer is over. I'm actually a little bit glad. The schedules of the codependents this Fall has kept me hopping.

-If it were possible to read minds, I would be in trouble. My brain is like rapid fire, ADHD thought roulette. My blog posts are evidence of this.

-Does anyone else love the Elvis station on XM radio as much as I do? Listening to it has me considering a trip to Graceland. Again. I've taken the Platinum Tour more times that I should admit. Seriously.

-I think I would like to parlay hanging out at charity golf tournaments into a career...all I had to do was ride around in the golf cart taking pictures and drinking beer. Can one become a professional, charity golf tournament photographer? Probably not. It was fun though.

-It's time for the weekend! Let's all kick back and relax!