Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holes...War on Signs...

So, I was looking at this sign and pondering whether or not to add a bullet hole of my own....ok, not really because I think it might be illegal. I'm scared to death of being arrested.

But seriously.

Why is there a war on signs? What did this poor sign in the middle of nowhere ever do to anyone? It's not like the sign jumped out in the middle of the road and caused anyone to drive into a ditch.

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The sign didn't pull out in front of me. The sign didn't give me the finger. The sign definitely did not call me ugly words. No one gets hooked on signs and has to go to sign rehab. No one is terrorized by road signs. I doubt the sign is a bully or pedophile. Nancy Reagan did not ask me to "Say no to Signs."

Why the war on signs?

For crying out loud, save the signs and your ammunition. Both might be in short supply if the government can't get its stuff together. Too soon? Ha!