Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sure, I'll Smile...

"Hadley." I am met with silence. I try again.  "Hadley." Still no answer from the eldest of my three. "Hadley!! Come here. I want to get one picture of you in your competition outfit before we leave for the football game."


And so she smiles in the driveway. But what you may not realize is that she is actually telling me to eat dirt. She's not saying it with her mouth. It's the eyes...and the iphone still firmly gripped in one hand. 

"Fine," she says, but what I hear is, "My God, woman, you have already taken no less than 1,800 pictures of me in all of my colorguard uniforms, and now you are dragging me out into the front yard to take more. There are people driving down this street who can see you acting like the Mamarazzi. Is the zoom lens really necessary? Did you just set your camera to action, so that you could take 15 pictures in 3 seconds? Is this almost over? I understand why people move to Serbia get away from their parents. Ireland Baldwin is the only other person on the planet who understands my embarrassment." 

And I dropped her off the the away game. I went on to the school later and tried to blend in with the crowd, so that maybe she wouldn't see me in the bleachers with my zoom lens and embarrassingly big purse.

I don't think she saw me.