Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That was a Goal...

Layton makes videos with his ipod and sends them to me. He has made several of himself playing paper football. After thumping the disposable clump over the goal he assembled from last week's spelling test, he looks right into the camera (on the ipod) and says, "That was a goal." He's proud of his ability to thump. I am proud of it too. In the grand scheme of things, being the class champion of paper football isn't a shabby title. I'm sure he will have many more titles in the years to come. Kids are like that. Nose picker, Pants wetter, baby, dumb dumb Howie - the nicknames and cruelty are meted out generously in elementary school and junior high. Some nicknames are bad, and some are hilariously adorable.
I just hope that when Layton inevitably receives a new nickname, that he will be able to look at the bestower and say, "That was a goal."

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What do you think? Do you think Ella was able to whizz this one past him and score a goal of her own?