Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Just not Right...

Happy day, dear Internet friends! I hope you are all well. It occurred to me that some of you don't have an instagram account and are missing out on the hi jinks. Most of my pictures involve Layton because he is with me more than the girls. They are older and have friends that they run around with a lot. Layton still stays pretty close to home. Here are some recent pics from my instagram...

Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise....Layton and I hugging at the farm...Layton challenging a grown man to a dance off at a wedding...Layton dancing during a recent photo session...a breakfast date with my favorite little boy...Ella and Layton reading while waiting on the homecoming parade...

Instagram collage number 2 also has a picture of me in it. This is bizarre. I normally run from cameras.

Again, start in the upper left and move best porch buddies: Shannon, Gigi, and Kim...I gave blood...Hadley, annoyed with the fact that I am making her get her picture made...Ella going full on spazz in dear friend Lori and I manning a golf tournament.

So that's what has been going on in places other than my blog. Now back to the usual boring content I post.

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-Sometimes I wonder what is going on inside the minds of the children in the back of my car. I'm not sure what Layton and his friend were doing, but it was super fun.

-Seriously, why didn't I think of this...

...pure genius. It's a cooler and concealer all in one. 

-I have a friend whose parents are moving to Panama. That sounds like an awesome, good time to me. No really. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can assist with the move. From what I hear, Panama is a nice place. Although...I hear "Central America" and immediately become convinced that I will wind up in the hands of a cocaine cartel and can only be rescued by Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, or maybe JCVD. I am, in fact, the only person on the planet who would be dumb enough to get nabbed by a cartel while shopping for new curtains. 

-I am also dumb enough to put my innermost thoughts and twisted ideas on the Internet. Maybe I should quit blogging. The lot of you that read this might be better off. I say lot; what I mean is 3. Does three qualify as a lot? I must google that later. 

-Other exciting news - I have mastered the art of meal planning. Don't bother telling me it's not an art. I will go to my grave convinced I have mastered something of great value and difficulty. Take that, Food Network. 

-Well, I suppose I should put this post in the scheduled section now. I have rambled for far too long. Take it easy. Have a good day. Rest well. Feel good about yourselves for you are all far better human beings than I. Much Love, A-Ro