Sunday, December 29, 2013


I openly admit that I am not much of a writer. This blog is a hobby and doesn't get much traffic. Comments? A few a week at the most. However HOWEVER, I get scads of junk comments from spammers, trolls, whatever you want to call it. Here is a sampling of some recent anonymous comments that made me laugh out loud.

Really? You tell me your website is about Penis Advantage and think I'm actually going to follow it up? Come on.

Well established website???? What kind of crack was this anon smoking?

Wait, you think I need to look at Yahoo for how to create headlines and then squeak in the information that your website is about buying viagra....No, just no. Spam bots need to be more clever. Also, it was nice of them to use ain't in the comment to seem kindred to this southerner. 

The odds of me clicking on that link are not good. Neither is the use of the word capital.

 Say what? There wasn't even a query. There wasn't an argument either. Did Chuck Smith even read the post? Come to think of it, I probably didn't read it either before clicking publish. The fact that I don't read my own blog posts tells you that I shouldn't be doing this. Bwhahahahahaa.