Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stranger Danger...

***Unfinished post. It's so pathetic to see the things I have yet to finish.

We do not know this woman. I refrained from posting a picture of her face. Hey now, I do try to be somewhat polite from time to time. When Layton had kite day at school, he was having issues with his kite. This nice woman was the kite whisperer. Not only did she help him get the kite in the air, she helped him fly it. And then, she let him fly her kite...which was kind of like the Maybach of kites.

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I have no idea who she was. She said her grandchild had kite day later in the day. She didn't offer him ice cream or beg for help finding a lost puppy dog, so I'm pretty sure her story was legit.