Friday, December 20, 2013

Up My Meds...

Yahoo!!! It's the weekend!!! I am ready for some rest and relaxation. I am also ready to finish the last little bit of my Christmas shopping. I have some stocking stuffers to pick up and one chair to buy for Layton. I was going to make that purchase at Target, but I am second guessing that decision in light of the security breach. This is what I would do in the event my card was compromised at Target....

Layton's MineCraft name is Butt Sackington. He saw it on an online video and copied it. This does not give me a proud mommy moment. I have no more words - except Butt Sackington? The heck?

Hadley skyped with a boy who lives in Auburn. The skype (is that a verb or a noun or both? Heck, I'm using it as three parts of speech here.) lasted four hours. They are just good friends and have been since preschool. His family moved away, but they have stayed in touch. They were talking about video games. J seemed stressed about it. He said, "your boyfriend is 400 miles away. Keep him that way." I don't think he's actually 400 miles away. I don't think he's her boyfriend either. I do think J might have been a little protective. I wasn't concerned until I noticed he was polishing his shot gun on the front porch. That part was joke. Bwhahahaha.

Ella recently started a sentence with, "When daddy does something stupid that he is going to regret." Poor child. She doesn't even know how bad she just stepped in it.

Enjoy your weekend!!! I will be enjoying mine!!!