Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Need to be Medicated...Stat...

I love saying stat. Don't you? There is something about saying it that makes me feel like a successful person when I say it at work. Of course, I am usually saying it to myself. Does it really count if I say aloud, "those quarterly reports need to be finished stat?" We'll pretend like it counts. We'll also pretend like I have self confidence because that is what it would take for me to hit publish on this post without having a panic attack. It's a selfie.

Several of you commented on facebook that you would like to see my new do. Well, it was late last night when I decided it would be okay to post one. I had been rained on and worked late.  I had stripped out of my work clothes and was sporting a hoodie. My make up was gone.

And like a fool I took a picture...
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So there you have it. My hair is short. Matted and gross at the end of the day but short.