Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keep It Real...

-It is cold - far too cold for this Bama girl. A few snowflakes spat at me this morning. Seriously, if it is going to be in the single digits, I want some serious snow - a bang for my buck - make the frigid worthwhile - know what I mean? I'm not picking a fight with Mother Nature; I am casually giving her the finger as I shiver all day while NOT looking at a Winter Wonderland outside. 

-People had to sleep in their cars on the interstate last night because of the freaky weather around the Birmingham area. I even have one friend who spent the night with a total stranger. Seriously, I have texted her several times to make sure she doesn't wind up being the victim of a very polite serial killer who served her blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

-There have been a couple of times the last few weeks when I have almost missed car line. I don't miss spending an hour and a half each day driving from school to school, but I do miss playing with the kids as we wait in one line after another. We have taken a lot of crazy selfies. Like this one...

-I might have told a client I was going to put both her kidneys and a chunk of her liver on Craig's List. This might not have been the best way to start a discussion about taxable transactions in Alabama. In my defense, when trying to make sales & use tax seem like a fun topic, use any and all tactics including illegal organ sales. Otherwise, people will glaze over and stop listening about the time I say,

-Guys, I have reached a level of stress that I normally don't hit until the first of March. I am jumpy and snappy. I am snarky and have been unable to control the sarcasm. If I happen to yell at you for no good reason, ignore me. I will come to my senses in October. Or, I will have to start being medicated next week.