Friday, February 21, 2014

Like Never Before...

-There was iffy weather last night here. Naders. At least, it sounds like naders when local rednecks say tornadoes. I wasn't home for it though. The Hospice Chili Challenge is this weekend, and my friends Kim and Shannon needed to borrow my crock pot. I took the pot to them, and then the sirens started blaring about the time I was going to leave. I decided to stick out the rain and naders at Kim's house. I did not want to be walking down the road in that wind and rain. Ha! Ella texted me...

I was laughing so hard at the way she stated that the thunder and lightning freaks her out, man. She has been a good bit more scared of storms since 2011. I understand why she is nervous about storms. I do not understand why she and Layton were drafting their wills during all of this. Yes, you read that right. Ella and Layton each wrote a will during the storm in case the weather forced an exit from this world. 
FYI: Ella wants to be buried with her pillow, and I get to keep her special blanky. Layton is leaving me his dirty laundry which isn't any different than what he gives me nowadays. Now, a rational person would have explained to the littles that making their final preparations was not necessary. Instead, J chose to put on rubber boots and run through the house screaming about how the nader was going to get us all -  metaphorically injecting the littles with adrenaline, fear, and enough energy to power North Alabama. Ella and Layton loved every second of it. Meanwhile, Hadley was asleep on the sofa. I briefly thought about chasing J around the house when 11:30 hit and the littles were watching late night TV on my bed. 

-This week has been hard. I am not going to lie and tell you that I am weathering it well. I am tired. I am stressed. I am on the verge of screaming the Eff word at total strangers. Enjoy my public breakdown. 

-I recently changed my twitter avatar to this picture. 

I thought it was funny. Other people seem to think it is in poor taste. Come on, now. That is funny! Whatever, I'll top it off later. 

-Tonight is our tax season night out at the firm. I am looking forward to it. Well, I think I am actually just looking forward to a night when I don't have to work. Bwhahahahaha. You know how crazy we accountants are....we are wild, crazy people. Are you hyperventilating from laughter yet? I once went to a continuing ed class where they had a booth set up for CPAs to do stand up comedy. I pointed out to the organizer that accountants are void of humor. For crying out loud, we choose to do tax returns for a living and get excited about capital gains. Whatever, top it off.