Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On the Go...

Life is busy. Correction: My life is busy. Sometimes I see women who appear to have loads of disposable time. I kind of envy their two hour lunch dates and trips to the mall on a random Thursday evening. I, on the other hand, eat lunch on the go a lot and don't take random trips to the mall. I order. If new underwear cannot magically appear on my front porch in a UPS box, then I ain't gettin' no new drawers. 

Yes, all of this has a point. A point that I am mentally obsessing about lately.

J and I took a mini-weekend trip to Nashville a few weeks back. It was the last weekend I had before things get so busy at work that I get cranky. Me, cranky? Never. (This is where you roll your eyes because I turn into an Ď‹ber witch fairly early during sweeps.) While we were there, we happened upon a whole street of mobile vendors. - NOT JUST FOOD TRUCKS. Clothing stores, yarn stores, the whole kit and kaboodle. - Can some of these stores come hang out in front of my office? I could zip our front during lunch; try on some snazzy pants; and be finished with all my shopping needs. Bam. 

This is genius.

O, Fashion where art thou? 

Personally, I can foresee a time when many businesses give up traditional brick and mortar store fronts. How about you?