Monday, February 24, 2014

Rejection and Acceptance...

-I am on a serious roll...of sarcasm and not filtering the words coming out of my mouth. My poor coworkers have heard some atrocious language lately. Combine that with my almost manic appearance, and it is a miracle that no one has tried to commit me.

-Truth. I listen to vulgar and profanity laced music while I am working. I have my ear buds in my ears, and it might look like I am jamming out to something fun. Right now, at this minute, I am listening to You Can Leave Your Hat On. Let's just hope I don't start singing out loud because I would be mortified if any of my coworkers began stripping. I made the mistake of singing out loud while rocking out to some Lily Allen one day. Let's just say that it is not okay to sing the eff word repeatedly in front of your coworkers.

-I came across this old picture of Layton and couldn't help but smile. He looks so brown and smooth. He is positively delicious. I am ready for him to get his Summer skin back. :)

-There is something magical about a good day. At the end of a good day, I feel like I could do anything. Absolutely anything. Other days I feel homicidal. Just being real.

-I had a good time here....

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True, it's a little skeezy up in the alley, but a trip to Nashville isn't complete without it. :)

-This past weekend brought something new to our home. A date. The H-Dizzy had her first date to a formal dance. It was cute and adorable. Her friend that lives in Auburn came up and escorted her. I would post a picture, but I think Hadley might never forgive me. They rode in a limo. I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. You would think that I would act a fool about something like that, but I kept it together. I didn't threaten to kill anyone.

-J - And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score
  And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before

-Over using the word epic is a hobby of mine. I am having an epic time getting all of my work finished. That tax return was epic. Her reaction to her balance due was epic. Don't bother taking the time to point out to me that I'm being melodramatic about it. I will epic-ly give you the finger.

-Put a fork in me. I be dunzo.