Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow More...

This week was an exciting one for the Enabler and the Codependents. It snowed!

Luckily, I had stopped at the Elkmont Piggly Wiggly and picked up enough groceries for us to survive being snowed in for a day or two. If you live in the North, please stop laughing. Seriously, I can only recall a hand full of times in my whole life when there has been enough snow for a snowman here. It's a rare occurrence, and our transportation departments do not have the resources or equipment to keep the roads dry and safe. A few inches of snow equals three snow days in Bama. 

It was a very beautiful. Cold. But beautiful.

I love the way the snow looks on the branches of our tree out front. 

When the snow first started coming down, we all went outside and played in it for a bit. I tilted my head back and took this picture. Looking straight up at the snow coming down was odd. It photographed even more odd. Maybe it is because this was in the evening when the sun was starting to set. 

Snowballs were flung at the house. 

The tree out front was clumped up with white fun.

I got a chance to wear my kick a$$ snow boots that I haven't had out of the closet since January 2011. These puppies rock.

Yes, Layton wore pajamas and rain boots. Outside. Did I care? No.

Ella had the most fun in the snow out of all of us. She was out in it non-stop. She even demanded a ride on the sled. It was my dad's and is old and worn out. Someone has to pull the sled because it is so old that it doesn't work quite right. 

J was kind enough to drag her around the neighborhood. 

This is our backyard. 

Did I mention Ella had a blast in the snow? It gave her an excuse to wear her new sunglasses too. They have prescription lenses. She thinks she is dope.

The littles worked on a snowman and threw snowballs at J. 

The snow man turned out pretty good. I was right proud of Ella for finishing it by herself. Layton got tired of the cold and came inside. 

I have some more pictures that are fun. I will post those later as well.