Friday, March 21, 2014

Cheeze It, I Have Lost What Little I Had....

-It is official. I have lost the last bit of normalcy I had going for me. Check with me on April 17th to see if I have recovered any...I feel kind of like Ella looks in this picture. Boy thing was particularly high energy and full of himself that day.

-Friends. I think it is important to make really, really good friends. I happen to have some friends that I, well, this - cannot fathom how boring life would be without them. I realized that I had made the kind of life long bosom buddies that writers base movie characters on quite a while back. Sometimes midnight rolls around, and we will all still be sitting on the porch talking and laughing. These are the people I call and text when my day goes to hell. These are the people I force to buy tequila shots on my birthday. These are the people who will always lift my spirit. If you only take one thing away from this blog ever, take this piece of advice. Find a few people who love your guts even when you smell bad, and make yourself the fungus on their roots. 

-Should I be worried that J and I email each other in haiku? For some reason, this seems like it might possibly be outside the box marked normal. It's not something that we do all the time though, so we're still okay...right? 

-This little fellow stays up way too late at night. He has trouble waking up in the mornings as a result. When I wake him up, I sit down on the edge of his bed and rub his back. The other morning he moved from the bed to my lap and went back to sleep immediately. I didn't want to leave the house after that. Sitting with him curled up in my lap was the best thing that happened to me all week. It's been downhill ever since. 

-I tried to explain the solstices and equinoxes to the youngest two. That went about as well as the time I tried to explain the nuclear plant to them. For the record, young children cannot understand fission. Or how to eat without leaving crumbs all over the floor.

-Layton can say anything he wants, and somehow, it never makes me mad. I think it is because of the dangerous combination of curls and dimples. If you don't look directly at the dimples and curls, you will get mad when he calls your belly squishy and booty big. BUT. If you allow the dimples and curls into your field of vision, you will think it is adorable that he compared your pants to the sails of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. I even said thank you once when he told me that I smelled like wet goat.
Even with the sun in his face, he is glorious.

-I have so much more to spill, but I don't have time right now....