Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lava, Grand Slams, and Abortifacients...

-Ella called me while I was at work. She was hanging out with her grandparents. She left me the sweetest voice mail. Why does that precious child love me so much? It seriously made my day to hear her little voice calling to check on me and see how my day was going. For real, yo, she has the most precious phone voice ever. 

-Little man is all about tennis right now. I am not entirely sure why because he has never shown an interest in it until recently. He ran and ran and ran at the farm a few weeks ago playing tennis. He finally had to sit down and chill out because he was so tired and hot. Yeah, we play in the grass or on the driveway. We are grassy, old school folks.

-I do like tennis though. I took a few lessons when I was a kid. Not many. Enough to know that I would have enjoyed it had I spent more time practicing. Layton wants to go to the tennis courts every day and play. I keep telling him "tomorrow." Maybe he won't notice that tomorrow actually means April 16th...

-I let a stream of profanity escape my mouth the other morning. Sweet Shelia at work told me to get the soap and wash my mouth out with it. Do you think she would let me use Johnson's baby soap? Given what came out of my mouth, I think she was leaning more toward Lava brand. I was stressed; throw me a bone. 

-It snowed earlier this week. It didn't stick, but there was snow. I am over Winter. I am ready for Spring. The snow needs to stop. Stat. 

-Let's talk Hobby Lobby. What say you regarding the argument presented to the Supreme Court this week? Do you believe that Hobby Lobby should be exempt from the Affordable Care Act based on the religious beliefs of the owners? I have (personally) thought about a number of different positions regarding Hobby Lobby. 
I have come to the conclusion that the least dangerous result would be for the court to enforce the ACA on Hobby Lobby. I think that allowing Hobby Lobby out of Obamacare is a bit of precedence that I don't necessarily like for the future. Sure, the owners of this privately owned business have the right to be conservative Christians, but should I find myself desperate for a job and employed by them, they do not have the right to enforce their beliefs on me and my health care options. Right?
Also, I can totally see Donald Trump claiming that paying taxes is against the religious beliefs of his corporation. Um, this was meant to be humorous.

I only have a few beliefs that are absolutely concrete in my heart. One of those beliefs is that there must be a clear separation between religion and government  - "not to protect religion from government but to protect the government from religious zealots."
Where do you stand on Hobby Lobby? Even though I don't like the Affordable Care Act the way it is currently in place, I still can't go to bat for the Lobby. 

-Also, I really like strawberry ice cream but rarely buy it.