Monday, April 21, 2014

Return to Sender...

Returning to the blog world after tax season is awkward. At best. I am out of words and out of gas. I still haven't recovered, and it has been almost a week. I took a couple of days off which was nice. 

I have been sorting through some of the pictures from the SD card that was in my camera. There are some interesting things hanging out on that card. :) I haven't looked at what was on it in a long time. I took it out last night and finally looked at a few shots. 

The attitude just seeps off this child. 

I often wonder if I should indulge the performer in him more. He is an animated little thing and has the spirit of a stage hog. 

How are all of you? Have you fared well the past few weeks? 

Much love and many new posts to follow....