Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turn Down Service...

I am fighting a major case of burn out. Major, I say. I am not sure what it will take for me to get over the burn, but I need to figure it out soon. I haven't wanted to be at work all week, and when I am at work, I feel like jumping out the window. I'm on the second floor, so jumping is probably not advisable. I think I just need to take some more time off soon. Because I have checked out mentally, there isn't much substance to what you are about to read. Don't say I didn't warn you.

-We dyed Easter eggs. Scratch that. Ella dyed Easter eggs. Layton and Hadley pretended to help. The eggs weren't super pretty, but Ella was pleased with each and every one.

-Ella was surprised by something. Only the good lord knows what because I sure don't remember taking this picture. It's blurry, so I can only assume that it happened quickly.

-A tent was pitched for a few hours of play. Yeah, we set up the tent and then took it down a few hours later. The kids loved playing in it though. 

-The boy thing was grumpy. I think he was actually just mad at me for something. I don't remember what. I am still trying to get my groove back. His hair is out of control. He needs a trim worse than I need a day to relax.

-Soccer games have been played by the littles. Ella looks particularly little on the soccer field. She is a year older than a few of the girls in the picture. She might be small, but she is mighty mid-field. Would it be wrong to start telling people that she is really David Beckham's love child? You're right. She looks too much like J for anyone to fall for that. 

Keep on keeping on. Maybe I will have something positive to report in another day or two. :)