Friday, April 04, 2014

Unicorns, Rusty Origins, and a Bad Duck...

-I saw her with my own two eyes. Right in front of me was the urban fast food myth. -The Unpleasant Chick-Fil-A Employee- She had a voice made of gravel and smelled like Spring Break gone awry. Not only did she not say, "My pleasure" after I said, "Thank you," she didn't even hand me my change. She practically threw the three pennies at me. I didn't think grumpy CFA employees existed. It's like those people are shooting up happiness before work every day....and then there is the extremely unhappy woman who had to take my order for a chargrilled filet. 

-There was a time in my life when I spent hours dwelling on the past. I would ponder what I could have done differently - What I could have said differently - What would have lead me down a different path?
Not so much anymore. It is what it is. I have made many mistakes. I have caused other people and myself more pain than should be allowed. That's just the way life shakes out for most of us. The past is a beautiful thing though. Even if your past has a little rust around the edges, embrace it and be glad it brought you to now. I like a touch of rust around the edges. 
When J and I went to Nashville a couple of months ago, we stopped in Antique Archaeology. It was an interesting place with a just enough rust to make me love it. 

There wasn't a ton of inventory that I was dying to bring home, but it was one of those places that I could have stayed inside for several hours if it weren't so crowded.

-Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wished the earth would swallow you whole? I have - no - I am on a regular basis embarrassed beyond belief. The most recent moment was one that was particularly awkward. I was at a local establishment (which I will refuse to name because that will make this even more embarrassing) when I encountered a group of younger people that knew one of the people in my group. I got ma'ammed. This one kid stinking ma'ammed me right there on the patio. I pointed out that I am only about 15 years older than he, and that hardly qualifies for a ma'amming. He disagreed. I jokingly said I was going to blog about it. This is where things took a decidedly awkward turn. The fact that I have a blog ended up being the "most loser" thing he had ever heard. So, he ma'ammed me and then called me a loser for having a blog. He was a rude duckling. He did ask a question that I get asked a lot when someone finds out I have a blog. "What do you blog about?"

-So I asked myself. What do you blog about? I blog about absolutely everything and absolutely nothing. I blog at 3:00 AM when I cannot sleep. I schedule 100% of my posts because I don't have time to blog during normal hours or on a regular basis. What is the point of this blog? The point is to document things that happen - for me to look back on someday. The point is to dump all of the energy and words floating in my head, so I can rest without the electricity of my thoughts keeping me awake.

Also, where else am I supposed to share ridiculous pictures I found on the Internet?

Peace out.