Thursday, May 08, 2014

Doubting Conscious...

-All around me are things that I don't expect to see. Old cow bones covered in moss and resting in the leaves were not on the list of things I thought I would happen upon recently. 

It was an interesting enough thing to find. It made me wonder about the cow. What happened to it? If I knew more about skeletons, I would have studied the pelvis to determine whether or not it was female. 

-I don't often expect to walk through water, but I am prepared for it when I do. 

-I certainly did not expect to post a humiliating picture of myself. This is a picture of me with my childhood idol. She has the most fabulous red hair and is always stylish. Even when we were in Mexico building houses, she had scarves and lipstick and jewelry. Sweet Virginia broke her hip in December and has had a long recovery. Ella found this picture of me with Virginia when we went to visit one night. Ella was seriously obsessed and needed a picture with the picture. Something inside me died the moment I uploaded those pleated pants and frizzy hair to the Interwebs. Come on now; it was 20 years ago...before anyone told me about hair products.

-Yes, all around me are things that I do not expect to see. That's what I mutter aloud regularly. For some reason, I don't expect these things. That leaves me with...What exactly am I expecting to see and do, then? That's the question I am attempting to answer. If I didn't expect to see cow bones, what was I expecting to see? If I didn't expect to wade through a creek, why did I have rubber boots? If I didn't expect Ella to fall head over heels in love with a terrible picture of me, what did I think her reaction to that picture would be? 

-I am super duper behind on posts these days. I have been busy with work and catching up from busy season. My "To Be Dealt With Later" pile is slightly smaller. My draft section of posts is slightly larger. I have started several things and uploaded some pictures, but I haven't gotten around to the meat of the story yet. That is something I do expect - to be continuously behind due to the hectic schedule I keep. Hey, at least we all have clean underwear this week.