Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Few Random Thoughts with Friends...

-I am guilty of poor accessorizing. I have never gotten the hang of what jewelry goes with what outfit. I try, but I always seem to wind up with too much or too little or things that don't go together at all. Jewelry. Gets me every time. 
I have a friend who just got engaged. I went to see her and ohhh and ahhhh over her ring. It is a beautiful ring. That got me thinking. When was the last time I wore my engagement ring and wedding band? I have absolutely no idea. I know I wore each during tax season some. Have I worn either since then? J hasn't worn a ring in years - as in so many years that I don't remember the last time he did wear one. I only wear mine every now and then except for during tax season. Hey, it's my version of dressing up.
Let's take a poll. Do you wear your wedding/engagement bling everyday? Do you think it is important to wear a ring? Does it bother you if your spouse doesn't wear a wedding band? 

-Let's get lighthearted.

-Swimming is hard work, yo. One must relax while floating and kicking in the Elk River. He's always in entertainment mode. 

-If you leave your phone unattended for any length of time, Ella will take 964 selfies for your viewing pleasure. This is a screenshot of a few. She seems to think it is funny to take a bunch and then let you find them later. Ok, it actually is kind of funny.

-I have a Pinterest account. I don't use it though. All the pretty pictures make me feel inadequate as a human being. People, I cannot make cute snacks. A sock bun ain't gonna happen in my house because I would get it so tangled that a 911 to Dantera would have to be placed. Pinterest is clearly Satan's website.

-There are so many random pictures on my SD card. I think I took a few, and I know Ella has taken a lot. This one, though, Layton took. I was kicking the soccer ball with him in the front yard and had snapped a few pictures of him. He was giving me a hug, and the camera was dangling around my neck. Little man pushed the button and started giggling like crazy. He really thought he had pulled a seriously funny stunt. :) All he got was - more adorable and a blurry picture of my shoes. 

-Have you been to YellowHammer Brewery? J and I have gone a few times. It is a really neat place with a biergarten that makes me want to open my own taproom. The last time we went was a couple of weeks ago. Skinny Lister played a set in the biergarten on their way to Bonnaroo. Ignore the poor quality of this picture. I had already had a beer or two and didn't turn the flash on. Ha! Speaking of beer...

-This is my favorite beer. I have been on a Heineken kick since last Fall. I hardly ever drink wine these days, and wine used to be my go to beverage. If you happen to visit YellowHammer, I recommend the Rebellion. 

-Should I include an actual hyperlink? Yes, I think I should.

-Rickrolling. Never gets old. Dang, my car is dusty. Note to self: Clean that thing!