Thursday, June 05, 2014


In the name of love? Collaborate and listen? Hammertime?

That never gets old, unlike the cheese in my refrigerator. Speaking of rotten food, I am on a streak of fussing about school lunches right now, and school isn't even in session! I normally only go eat lunch with each of my children once a year. There are two reasons for this. 1.) That many pint-sized, masticating humans makes me very thirsty for bourbon. My nerves cannot handle school lunch. 2.) Without fail I lose my appetite after seeing what these kids are eating and not eating. Fish bites definitely cause me to taste saltwater in the back of my throat, and seeing a child eat the processed tater tots while throwing away the syrupy fruit, makes me equally as sick. I (personally) feel that the spirit of the school lunch program cannot be quenched due to the budgetary constraints in many school systems. Eating healthy is more expensive than eating processed cardboard - plain and simple.
Wait, where was I going with this post? Oh, that's right. Here...

Layton is already a little bored with Summer. He can't even handle having his picture made anymore, and I only got to take a few so far this Summer break. Hence, I need to get him busy, so he won't notice me stalking him with 18.1 mega pixels. Stalk may be too strong a word. Or not.
What are your favorite activities for keeping your children occupied during the Summer? Mine always attend at least 3 VBS sessions, soccer camp, etc. This year I am sending them to sleep over camp as well. BUT, I am still short on activities to keep their brains from starting to atrophy toward the end of July. So, bring it on. What do you do with your littles? More importantly, how can I convince you to take care of my littles as well? Bwhahahaha.