Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Archimedes and Children...

I think children are awesome. I especially think my children are awesome, but all children get a solid thumbs up from me.
How can anyone not be smitten with a sight like this? 
She is so petite and displaces such a small amount of water, but the force she has on me far exceeds gravity.

This little, green kayak has been the main source of fun for Ella and Layton lately. The littles love to paddle around, and I love to watch them paddle around. 

The codependents are also very into swimming in the river here lately.

Oh, to jump from a pier with this much gumption!

To feel the water with such delight!

And then there's Hadley who barely smiles without a prompt from me. 

Oh, to be a sullen teenager!
She practically commandeered my kayak. 
Note to self: Buy another kayak, so Hadley will quit stealing mine.
Extra note to self: force Hadley to get in the sun; she is straight up white.

P.S. She had on a swimsuit under that Pink Floyd shirt. She was not running around pantless.

I don't actually think that youth are supposed to stand up on this kayak, but Layton and Ella take turns standing up while the other one paddles.

I don't think that kayaks are meant for naps either, but that didn't stop Ella from taking a rest break. Thank goodness she didn't fall asleep (just a rest) and also that she had a life vest on. Keep in mind that she is the child who took a nap on top of J's Jeep. DHR is going to come get me any minute.

Yeah, children might just be the best thing ever.