Friday, August 01, 2014

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-Every time I see a friend post something about being on vacation on facebook, I have the urge to comment, "Thanks so much for telling me your house is empty. I'm going to go rob you of all your good stuff now." It's rude and tacky, but I still think it every single time. I don't post my vacations on the web until after I have come home. Try explaining to teenage girls why you don't want them to instagram all of their beach pictures until the vacation is over - always goes over well. For someone who posts strangely intimate things about herself on a blog, it's ironic that I am overly protective about my whereabouts not being on social media.

-Current obsessions? My Old Try hat. Love it. Love their prints. Love their socks.

-And anything Trask - especially the Madison Boot. Maybe if I am super good this year, Santa will make a pair of those boots appear under the tree. 

-Layton never wants to leave the house. He is the biggest home body I have ever met. I ask him if he wants to go out to eat. No, he wants to stay home. Does he want to go for a ride in the Jeep? No, he wants to stay home. Does he want to go to the grocery store? No, he wants to stay home. Did he want to go on vacation? No, he wants to stay home. He is fine once I get him out and over the pouting, but he literally wants to stay home at all times.

-I don't understand marriage. Believe me; I have been trying to understand it for a long time. The older I get and the more life experiences I have, the more I reflect on what marriage really is - and the only thing I can come up with is that no one ever really knows their spouse. The only layers one can ever know are the ones that can be seen. The dark inside - no one can ever know that.

-I am wearing my favorite pants today. I got them at j.crew. I should not wear them in public though. These pants are too small and too thin. I wear them anyway because they are comfy. If you happen to see all of my dimples and jiggles, I am truly sorry.

-This book (Gone Girl) is an excellent read. I recommend it. Highly. It's not a difficult read either; it only took a day or two to get through while on vacation.

-I'm fried. This has been a long week. I have been on the go a lot and haven't had near enough down time. I look ragged. Bad.

-Hadley comes home from band camp on Friday. I am excited about that. She has been gone too long. Ok, it has only been since Sunday, but still, we have missed her around Casa de Enabler.

-Take it easy, friends. Life won't get any easier. Just remember that it takes the same amount of effort to achieve misery as it takes to achieve joy. Happy Weekend.