About the Enabler...

My name is Amanda. I live in Alabama and love my blog! I have three children that I completely obsess over and a husband who loves me irrationally. A lot of folks call me A-Ro. It started when friends started calling the hubs J-Ro. You know, like J-Lo, only not PC. The nickname sort of stuck with our family for some reason. Except for the littlest one...he's the "chop." Maybe I should explain that. Nah. We'll get along just fine without that one blurb.

The codependents are Hadley, Ella, and Layton. The hubs is J.

I am interested in a wide variety of things. I love to read and to travel. In fact, if I didn't have the codependents, I would probably take a job that requires me to live out of a suitcase. I work part time at a local accounting firm except for during tax season. Tax season (or Winter Sweeps as I like to call it; just sounds nicer that way, right?) requires me to work full-time whether I want to or not. Tax season can get ugly. I might have thrown an inanimate object or two during one March. I keep a little bit of money set aside as a "jail fund" in case I actually have to be arrested for going full-on postal during tax season. Not really. But I do think about it. No one in my family is smiling on April 15th. The codependents are ready to have their enabler back, and the hubs is tired of a grumpy A-Ro by then.

My favorite color is green. Green is also the color that I foolishly believed my eyes to be until a year or so ago. My mother always said they were green, so I always said they were green. Someone pointed out to me that my eyes are in fact brown. I was flustered when I looked in the mirror that night and realized that I had been using the wrong eye color on my ID for two decades.

So, let me know if there is ever anything that you want to know! I'll blog about most anything!